Program Tours

Student Placement Tours

The following is the typical process that takes place when a school district's CSE or CPSE makes a request for placement:


  1.  A formal request (or "referral") for placement is made to the school by the Child's school district. The request typically comes in the form of a cover letter and a "packet" of information, including the most recent evaluations and reports from teachers and therapists.
  2. The request is reviewed by the placement coordinator and Director of Education to determine if the student is appropriate for the HCDS program.
  3. If the student IS NOT appropriate, a letter is sent to the district informing them that the student is not appropriate for the program and the file is closed.
  4. If the student IS potentially appropriate but there is no available space at HCDS, a letter is sent to the district informing them of this. The student is then placed on our wait list until a spot becomes available. Some school districts request that the child's name not be placed on the wait list, in which case the file is closed. If we anticipate an opening within 60 days, the district will be contacted by phone and asked if they want to proceed with intake.
  5. If the student IS potentially appropriate and we have an opening, the district is contacted by the placement coordinator by phone and intake is discussed (see below).


The Intake Process

If the referred student is potentially appropriate for the program and space is available, intake will proceed as follows:


  1. The placement coordinator contacts the parents of the child to schedule the intake. Depending on time and management needs of the students, the parents may visit the school without the child at first to complete an application packet, tour the school and classroom and discuss the time line for the transition. At this time, the parents may decide the program is not appropriate for their child, in which case the school district is contacted by phone and the file is closed.
  2. The student is brought to the school. The family and student are given a tour of the program, and meet the classroom teacher. After the tour either the Director of Education or a designee informally assesses the child in the classroom. Usually the parent goes with the placement coordinator to fill out the application and discuss transitioning while the child is assessed. If, based on the assessment, it is determined that the child IS NOT appropriate for the program the parent is informed, the district is called, and the file is closed. If it is determined that the child IS appropriate AND the parents want to place the child at HCDS, the school district is contacted and the transition is arranged. This includes arrangements for transportation.


Informational Program Tours

We frequently receive requests for tours of our school from school districts, other agencies, interested professionals, and parents wanting to see "what's out there" for their child. Unfortunately, we are not able to accommodate all of these requests (we receive well over 100 requests per year). Priority is given to families of children who have been formally referred by their school district for placement at Hawthorne. At this time, it is not likely that we will be able to accommodate other requests.